LIHEAP for Older Adults

This August 2016 webinar explains how LIHEAP, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, plays a vital role in helping older adults maintain safe indoor temperatures that can keep them healthy.

Webinar: LIHEAP for Older Adults

This slide deck explains why the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a vital benefit that can help older adults maintain safe temperatures in their homes.

Using NCOA’s Visualization Tools

This recording comes from a June 2016 webinar that walks through several of NCOA’s data visualization tools, which can be used to identify pockets of Medicare beneficiaries who fit certain demographic characteristics.

An End to Stigma

This report outlines the strategies that benefits counselors and program administrators can use to counteract stigma that prevents many low-income Medicare beneficiaries from applying for public benefits.

LIS-MSP Referral Card (Pennsylvania)

This referral card is used in healthy aging workshops to obtain information from participants who want to see if they are eligible to apply for LIS & MSP.

Infographic: You Gave, Now Save

This infographic illustrates the economic situation faced by millions of older adults, who could stand to boost their budgets by up to 30% with benefits.