Over the last 10 years, consequential reforms in Medicare Advantage (MA) policy have shifted the program towards increased preventive health practices that enhance quality of life and quality of care outcomes. These transformations present new opportunities for community-based organizations to explore partnerships that serve health plan enrollees and support sustainability of services like evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention programs. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued several MA Call Letters that include instructions for reformation of Supplemental Benefit policies. These changes may provide greater opportunities for community-based organizations to engage with MA Plans to deliver services such as evidence-based programs, transportation, caregiver support, nutrition services, and more.

Listen to the last session of our 3-part learning series on the fundamentals of Medicare Advantage to refresh information shared in previous sessions, offer feedback from the MA plan perspective, and emphasize community-based organization’s readiness to engage with MA plans for Supplemental Benefits services.

  1. Part 1: Learn the Basics about Medicare Advantage and Position Your CBO for New Partnerships
  2. Part 2: Key Medicare Advantage Plans Quality and Performance Drivers: What every Community-Based Organization Should Know
  3. Part 3: Connecting the Dots: Medicare Advantage Plans and the SDoH Frontier

Download the PowerPoint slides, or watch the recording.