In the U.S. today, approximately 48 million people serve as caregivers to someone age 60 and over with chronic health and/or behavioral health conditions. Caregivers play a critical role in caring for older adults with mental health and substance use disorders. This webinar will discuss the role of caregivers in caring for older adults with behavioral health problems such as depression, anxiety and alcohol and prescription drug misuse/abuse. This webinar will also explore the mental health impact that the caregiving role has on lives of caregiver themselves, such as stress, anxiety and depression as well as increased risk for various chronic conditions. Evidence-based programs and available resources, such as the American Psychological Association’s Caregiver Briefcase, that address the behavioral health needs of caregivers will be discussed during this webinar.

This webinar is part of a series developed by the Behavioral Health Older Americans Technical Assistance Center through funding from SAMHSA, in collaboration with AOA. Click below to download the PowerPoint slides used in the webinar.

Download the PowerPoint slides below, or watch the webinar recording.