Webinar: An Easy-to-use Tool to Estimate Healthcare Cost Savings for CDSMP

This webinar will review the basis for development of a new resource to assist program administrators and decision makers plan implementation efforts and make the case for continued delivery for evidence-based programs for older adults. This Healthcare Cost Savings Estimator Tool: CDSMP was developed utilizing data from a recent National Study of CDSMP to estimate national healthcare savings associated with program participation. During the webinar, attendees will learn about the processes used to calculate CDSMP-related healthcare savings estimates and data needed for users to customize estimates to their populations and service areas. A web-based demonstration of the Tool will be performed. Estimates from this Tool may help program administrators and decision makers document the success of local CDSMP implementation efforts, create strategic budgets for program delivery based on desired returns on investments, and make the business cases for new partnerships and future funding. Download the PowerPoint slides, or watch the recording.