State and local falls prevention coalitions have long understood the need for bringing greater attention to the issue of older adult falls and disseminating effective evidence-based interventions to communities across the country; but making a real impact on falls and fall-related injuries and deaths demands both momentum and effective partnerships.

To effect change, we must organize and maximize community assets and resources and institutionalize innovative policies and practices within states, communities, and organizations.

This State Policy Toolkit for Advancing Fall Prevention is designed to give state and local coalitions the strategies, tools, and resources to make that happen. It offers a rich compendium of suggested policy changes to advance falls prevention, categorized under eight major goals. It outlines the opportunities, strategies, and examples of what is possible through education and engagement of key stakeholders.

Materials were gathered from not only state and local falls prevention efforts, but also from a variety of public health prevention efforts. While the focus is on broad operating policy and systems change, the toolkit also offers legislative examples provided by the National Conference of State Legislatures and current examples provided by states. In addition to the recommendations, a set of indicators is offered to measure progress of select recommendations and a resource compendium that offers materials to promote strategic partnership building with providers.

Tips on How to Use this Toolkit

  • Use it as a guide for promoting discussion and potential action on policy changes that are appropriate for the population, geographic location, partnerships, and culture of your community.
  • Consider taking or adapting a limited, manageable set of strategies from this toolkit to put into action.
  • Use the included set of indicators to measure progress of select recommendations.
  • Review the resource compendium to find materials to promote strategic partnerships with providers.

NCOA and its Falls Free® partners are grateful for the advice and feedback provided by stakeholders, grantees, and especially the dedicated members of the State Coalitions on Fall Prevention Workgroup.

This toolkit is designed as a resource of opportunities, strategies and examples of what is possible to achieve through education and engagement of key stakeholders. It will be maintained as a web-based document that can be updated with new ideas and examples of effective policy change. If you have questions or an example to share, please contact us at

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