Diversity and Engagement, or rather diversity and inclusion efforts, have been shown to be useful for program and organizational recruitment and engagement efforts, driving innovation, helping to deal with risks associated with innovation, and almost always – encouraging creativity and solution-oriented ideas to the world’s most complex issues.  For our Center for Healthy Aging grantees and network, a focus on diversity and engagement as a programmatic element of health promotion, disease prevention, and falls prevention programs can be a strategic way to reach out to the most vulnerable older adults and adults with disabilities, while also playing the crucial role of connecting to caregivers, families, and communities in the most important ways. Panelists speak to their experiences, address local and community initiatives to implement diversity and inclusion into their evidence-based program engagement tactics, and provide a platform for national organizations like NCOA to create supportive tools, information, and resources to increase diversity and engagement within the aging network.

This presentation was featured at the 2018 National Center for Healthy Aging Annual Meeting.