Presentation- Using Your Brain to Prevent Falls

In Iowa, falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits.  Listen to this presentation to learn about Iowa’s fall prevention partnership with traumatic brain injury organizations as a way of sustaining fall prevention efforts.    

Presentation- Fit & Strong! Swarms Minnesota – Learn How!

Fit & Strong! worked with Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota and Volunteers of America to train 42 instructors, who were RSVP Senior Corps volunteers and staff, over 9 months. This sustainable model is thriving with 3 Master Trainers in place and 3 more to be trained next month.

Presentation- Aligning Service Delivery through Coordinated Contracting

The Montana Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (CDPHP) Bureau has reduced duplication of work both at the state and local levels by creating a coordinated contract among the bureaus individual programs. Local programs are now making connections for more collaborated outreach, education, and service delivery into the community.