Individuals reach out to aging and disability programs for assistance with many needs, and information and referral/assistance (I&R/A) agencies and professionals often serve as a gateway to those programs. As needs are changing and growing, the roles of I&R/A specialists are expanding to include benefits screening, application assistance, outreach, and other functions.

In collaboration with the I&R Support Center at the National Association of States United for Aging and Disability (NASUAD), the 2018 National I&R/A Network Survey gathered data about the role that aging and disability agencies and I&R/A specialists play in connecting individuals to public benefits. Survey questions gathered information about benefits screening, application assistance, and outreach efforts for the Medicare low-income subsidies, SNAP, and LIHEAP.

This brief, made possible with support from NCOA, is a summary of the survey results related to aging and disability agencies and I&R/A specialists’ role in connecting individuals with public benefits.