In response to escalating concerns related to falls and fall-related injuries among the aging population, and to address the challenges and barriers related to a national falls prevention initiative, The National Council on the Aging (NCOA), with support from the Archstone Foundation and the Home Safety Council, is spearheading an initiative entitled Falls Free: Promoting a National Falls Prevention Action Plan.

Evidence strongly suggests that falls result from multiple factors that can be both intrinsic to the individual, and within the environment. While recognizing that falls prevention requires integrated assessment and management of the full range of causative factors, this plan is organized around four primary risk factors, as well as issues that cut across multiple concerns (cross-cutting issues).

The involvement and collaboration of multiple and diverse groups including, but not limited to, consumers, health care providers, policy makers, aging services professionals, representatives of building and construction industries, and community health professionals will be required in order to successfully implement this plan.

Thirty-six strategies are proposed, based on input from the Falls Free® Summit participants. The strategies are organized under goals within each risk factor. It is important to note that the strategies and action steps are not prioritized in this document.

Supporting documents: