Evidence-Based Program Application Form: Request for Letters of Intent

The purpose of the Evidence-Based Program Application is to identify new community programs that meet the criteria established by the Administration for Community Living/Administration on Aging (ACL/AoA) for evidence-based programs funded through the Older Americans Act (OAA) Title III-D (see Appendix A).

The ACL-funded National Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Resource Center, based at the National Council on Aging (NCOA), is overseeing this process in partnership with the Evidence-Based Leadership Council (EBLC).  Together, NCOA and EBLC are establishing a Review Council to conduct the assessments of programs submitted through this application process. The Review Council will consist of national leaders with expertise in program research, evaluation, and implementation.

To prepare for the applications that will be submitted through this process, NCOA and EBLC are requesting Letters of Intent from those that plan to submit programs for review.  This is not a required part of the process, but is highly encouraged. Please follow the instructions in the document below to submit a Letter of Intent.