The National Council on Aging (NCOA) sponsored The Lewin Group, Inc. (Lewin) to develop this Calculator to help organizations better understand and manage the costs of administering their Chronic Disease Self Management Programs (CDSMP). By entering your organization’s costs and CDSMP program data, you can use the Calculator to produce estimated “per participant” and “per workshop” costs, as well as evaluate the impact of individual program components on your total expenses. We encourage organizations to use this Calculator to deliver your programs in an efficient manner, and at a reasonable cost.

The Calculator will work for all community-based, CDSMP-related programs: the Positive Self-Management Program (HIV), and English and Spanish versions of Chronic Disease, Arthritis, and Diabetes Self-Management Programs. To use this Calculator, you will need to assemble all of your costs: CDSMP Personnel/Program Administration; Marketing and Recruitment; Master and Workshop Leader Training; and CDSMP Workshop. Various program costs can be saved individually on your computer and printed, so you can compare different strategies and targets.

Prior to use of the calculator we recommend you download the Overview and Instructions and watch the training webinar.