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The need for long-term services and supports (LTSS) impacts millions of American families, yet few are prepared for the high costs of care when they need it. On average, nursing homes cost over $87,600 – far exceeding most families’ resources.

Most Americans mistakenly believe that their employer-based health insurance or Medicare covers LTSS. In fact, most costs are paid by Medicaid, which requires individuals to impoverish themselves, has an institutional bias, and places an unsustainable burden on states. Few Americans have private long-term care insurance, and recently, most insurers exited the market and many significantly increased premiums on current policyholders.

NCOA is working to promote a bipartisan, national long-term care insurance financing system that:

  • Is actuarially sound
  • Is fully paid for
  • Increases affordable options for working Americans
  • Does not exclude purchasers based on pre-existing health conditions
  • Improves market opportunities for private insurance
  • Produces significant savings to Medicaid

Several organizations have put forward proposals to finance LTSS. Learn more about these recommendations: