Making Better Health Coverage Choices

Too many Medicare beneficiaries still do not understand or have access to tools and unbiased assistance for comparing and choosing among available plan options, and do not shop around when they should. NCOA supports efforts to strengthen policies and tools to empower beneficiaries to access information that will improve their ability to make better Medicare coverage decisions and make it easier to comparison shop, including improvements in Plan Finder, mailings and notices, consumer testing, and funding for outreach and assistance. Additional improvements should also be made to Medicare quality Star Ratings and the Part D notice and appeals/exceptions process and cost sharing tiers.

The Modernizing Medicare Plan Finder Report

Older Americans are told they can rely on the Medicare Plan Finder tool to compare and choose the plan that best meets their needs. However, a new report finds that the Plan Finder tool is not delivering on that promise.

New Medicare Plan Finder Comments

The Improving Medicare Markets Initiative (IMMI) was launched in 2014 to collaborate on improvements to the Medicare Part D marketplace.