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An Age for Justice

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To heighten the visibility of elder abuse and give older adults and advocates a voice in affecting policy change, NCOA and WITNESS partnered with the Elder Justice Coalition to create Elder Justice Now in 2009.

The campaign trained 17 elder rights advocates from around the nation on how to use video to put a human face on the issue and seek passage of the Elder Justice Act in Congress. The campaign collected over 150 video stories from victims, caregivers, law enforcement personnel, and advocates. The stories were shared with members of Congress, their staff, the media, and other advocacy groups.

The campaign also produced and premiered the documentary An Age for Justice: Elder Abuse in America. This compelling video shines the light on elder abuse—what one speaker called “a dark mark on our humanity.”

In 2010, the Elder Justice Act was signed into law as part of the Affordable Care Act.

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Henrietta Tolhurst was told she had won $22,000 and all she had to do was pay the taxes and attorney’s fees, put the money in a magazine, and leave it for the caller.


Madalyne Houseman of St. Louis tells how her mother suffered neglect and financial abuse by her son and why Madalyne had to step in.

New Jersey

Faith Kline of Toms River relates her story of physical abuse.


Senior fraud is all too common to Assistant District Attorney Joanne Woodruff of San Antonio. In Bexar County District alone, there are 150 active cases of elder abuse.


Elizabeth Powell, an attorney who lives in Arlington, relates her own story of financial abuse concerning someone who lives in Congress’ backyard.

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