Congress is debating ways to cut the federal deficit. Help us make sure that deficit reduction does not come at the expense of programs that serve vulnerable older adults.

Ways to Act

1.Take Action NOW

2. Share a Story

3. Meet with Your Lawmakers

4 Steps to Connect with Your Lawmakers

  1. Find your legislators’ contact information using our Action Center.
  2. Prepare for an in-person meeting or host a site visit with your legislator.
  3. Attend a town hall meeting if there’s one in your area.
  4. Tell us how it went. Your response will help us track our advocacy efforts.

Talking Points

  1. Let’s not balance the budget on the backs of America’s vulnerable and disadvantaged seniors.
  2. Looming cuts to programs like those of the Older Americans Act will eliminate jobs, housing, meals, and home and community-based services for seniors in need.
  3. Deficit reduction should be done in a balanced way with broad, shared sacrifices—including revenues—that recognizes the significant cuts that already have been made and does not impose additional reductions that target vulnerable seniors and others who are already struggling to make ends meet.

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