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What’s at Stake

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created the Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF), which sets aside a specific amount of funding for Congress to allocate to a variety of public health and prevention initiatives in communities across the nation. The Fund has been threatened with elimination as part of the debate over the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and it has also been subject to cuts, usually to offset (pay for) the cost of extending or creating new programs. By now, the annual funding level should be $2 billion, after the latest round of cuts totaling $1.35 billion, funding currently stands at $900 million.

Much of the PPHF is allocated to the Centers for Disease Control, but the Administration for Community Living (ACL) receives funding for Alzheimer’s Disease Demonstrations, Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME), and Falls Prevention. The first PPHF allocation for CDSME was made in FY12, totaling $10 million. Subsequent sequestration cuts eroded the investment to the current $8 million in annual funding. A few years ago, Senate appropriators proposed as much as $10 million for Falls Prevention, but only $5 million annually has been provided once the allocations began in FY14.

In addition to the threat to PPHF allocations, recent Administration budget requests and Congressional appropriations bills have proposed cuts in annual funding for CDSME and Falls Prevention.

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FY20 Budget and Appropriations

The Administration’s FY20 budget request one again proposes eliminating Falls Prevention and CDSME funding at ACL, and Falls Prevention funding at CDC. Similar to last year, Congress will have the final say on how these programs are funded. The House FY20 bill increases Falls Prevention at CDC by $1 million, and preserves Falls and CDSME funding at ACL at their current levels. Senate action is expected in September.

Take Action

There are a number of ways you can help defend the PPHF and funding for Falls Prevention and CDSME.

It’s important for individuals and organizations in all states to educate members of Congress about CDSME and falls prevention. Advocates with members on the Senate Appropriations Committee and House Appropriations Committee can make unique contributions by reaching out to key members of their Congressional delegations. Contact NCOA Advocacy for details.

Learn More

We have a variety of resources to provide more information on this issue, enlist allies, and educate Congress.

National Resources

State Resources

  • State-specific CDSME Infographics (upon request)
  • State-specific Falls Prevention Infographics (upon request)
  • CDSME Grantee Profiles: Use these documents to learn more about how ACL/AoA’s 2012, 2015, and 2016 state and tribal grantees are implementing, expanding, and sustaining CDSME.
  • Falls Prevention Grantee Profiles: Use these documents to learn more about how ACL/AoA’s 2014, 2015, and 2016 state and tribal grantees are utilizing evidence-based programs to reduce falls and fall-related injuries.
  • Falls Prevention Coalition Descriptions (click Falls Prevention Coalitions and navigate to your state): Use these documents to learn more about how each state’s falls prevention partners are working together to reduce falls and fall related injuries.
  • State Falls Prevention Data Profiles (click Falls Prevention Coalitions and navigate to your state): Use these documents to learn more about the impact of falls prevention efforts in each state.

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