Who We Are

The National Coalition of Consumer Organizations on Aging (NCCO) is an NCOA collaborative network of statewide and community-based senior-based consumer organizations. Since its inception in 1996, NCCO has worked to bring together and strengthen grassroots senior consumer organizations to serve low-income and disadvantaged older persons.

NCCO member organizations are senior-led, senior-driven, and non-partisan groups that emphasize community-based long-term care issues and strongly support funding and policy for federal programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Older Americans Act.

What We Do

NCCO strengthens the capacity of grassroots organizations to meet their missions and better serve and empower older persons. Members provide a variety of needed services, such as public policy, advocacy networking, consumer information, and collaborative opportunities that strengthen each member and enhance their ability to serve their constituencies.

NCCO’s collaborative structure fosters much-needed communication, relationship building, and sharing of information and research between members. As a result, a core group of actively engaged NCCO organizations now experience greater senior participation, involvement, and success with NCCO support.

NCCO holds monthly national conference calls, including a federal policy update from NCOA Public Policy staff and state reports on advocacy and policy involvements. NCCO also has organized and participated in senior policy and advocacy workshops and panels. NCCO state partners collaborated on a Public Welfare Foundation grant to organize state-level advocacy efforts around Medicare.


NCCO impacts policies affecting older Americans by deepening and expanding the capacity of statewide, grassroots, senior-driven organizations to further their missions at the local level, as well as raise the voices of their members to the national level.


  • Actualizing local strategies on national issues
  • Providing expertise at the ground level
  • Fostering consumer leadership development and involvement
  • Sharing the history, integrity, and accomplishments of member organizations

Core Members

The following organizations represent examples of strong grassroots, state-wide participation in NCCO. They work to leverage the senior voice on common or multi-state and national issues. Members provide NCCO’s vision and leadership.

Strategic Priorities

  • Organize NCCO members and partners and provide support to NCOA governmental relations efforts around critical issues facing seniors and people with disabilities, including Medicaid, Medicare, health reform, mental health and addictions, Social Security, and Older Americans Act, and assist NCOA in the development of national support/action networks
  • Conduct monthly NCCO conference calls and information sharing with NCCO state partners and other interested states, including federal legislative updates and state reports
  • Continue to develop senior advocacy, coalition-building and policy sessions/workshops and the public policy/advocacy peer group for the annual Aging in America Conference, as well as organizing events and social gatherings with NCCO state partners in attendance
  • Assist states with education and support to build infrastructure and capacity and help states better utilize existing and expanding technology
  • Partner with NCOA around procuring grant funds to support state-level advocacy and social policy efforts of NCCO partner states (which are aligned with NCOA-NCCO priorities), particularly through capacity building at the state level
  • Continue outreach to potential new state partners to expand NCCO involvement nationwide

Join Us

For more information on how your organization can join NCCO, please contact: