Created by n4a, NCOA, UnitedHealthcare and USA TODAY, The United States of Aging Resource Kit provides new research to help better understand and address the needs of seniors. The insights and resources included in the kit are designed to help local aging service leaders create awareness of local senior perspectives on important issues and spark conversations about aging preparedness.

Download the resource kit today, and have conversations that can help seniors, their loved ones and their communities prepare for tomorrow.

For more information about The United States of Aging Resource Kit, read this letter from its sponsors.

National Resource Kit

Resource Kit [ZIP]

  • Partner Introduction Letter
  • National Findings Presentation
  • National Press Release
  • National Findings Fact Sheet
  • Low-Income Seniors Infographic
  • Socially-Isolated Seniors Infographic
  • Seniors and Financial Concerns
  • Social Media Content Bank

How Have You Used The United States of Aging Resource Kit?

The United States of Aging Resource Kit was created to inspire aging service professionals and others to use survey findings in local initiatives and dialogues.

We want to hear how you have used these tools to inform your planning efforts or raise awareness of aging issues in your community.

Give us feedback on the materials provided in the kit, your successes and how we can improve the kit in future years to help you.

Tell us here.

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