diverse group of elder adults in support group

Mastering Longevity

An ITN Productions and NCOA news program

In a unique communications partnership, NCOA and ITN Productions have produced a news style program exploring innovative ideas to help people navigate the challenges of aging. Mastering Longevity is a combination of interviews, news items, and sponsored editorial profiles. The program premiered at the Regional Senior Center Conference on Oct. 8, 2015, in Sturbridge, MA, hosted by the Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging (MCOA).


Hear from NCOA President and CEO Jim Firman about the goals of NCOA and how we are working on innovative ways to help older adults age well.

The Future of Senior Centers

Senior centers are making changes to keep up with the demand of the modern “senior.” Take a trip to North Shore Senior Center in Illinois, where the programs and facilities focus on life-long learning, active lifestyle, and healthy aging.

Care Innovations

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for our nation’s seniors, but one company is helping older adults use technology to prolong their lives by making talking with their doctor as easy as picking up an iPad.

Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging Annual Conference

Support for our aging communities takes planning and determination. Take a look behind the scenes at the Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging annual conference as they discuss options for some of the biggest challenges facing older adults today.
If you would like more information about participating in Mastering Longevity, contact Simon Shelley at simon.shelley@itn.co.uk.