Celebrate LIFE During National Senior Center Month

Senior centers offer Learning, Independence, Friendship, and Energy for today’s older adults


Vanessa Sink
Public Affairs Manager

Arlington, VA — Aging isn’t what it used to be, and neither are today’s senior centers. With a focus on wellness, lifelong learning, and volunteerism, senior centers are modernizing to meet the needs of today’s older adults. September is National Senior Center Month, and the National Council on Aging (NCOA) encourages everyone to find a local center to discover tools to stay healthy, involved, and independent.

This year’s theme is Celebrate LIFE at Your Senior Center, focusing on how senior centers provide opportunities for Learning, Independence, Friendship, and Energy. Senior centers nationwide are planning special events to highlight their year-long offerings for older adults in the community.

“From the youngest baby boomers turning 50 to nonagenarians, older adults today are looking for empowerment, and senior centers are evolving to support their needs,” said Maureen O’Leary, Program Manager of NCOA’s National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC). “Senior centers are the first place to turn for valuable programs, activities, and access to benefits and services.”

Older adults are a dynamic generation, looking for the opportunity to share their diverse skills and talents. Senior centers provide a space for them to learn and socialize with their peers, as well as offering tools and resources to help them manage their health and finances to stay independent.

To find out more about National Senior Center Month, please visit ncoa.org/SeniorCenterMonth.

About NCOA

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About the National Institute of Senior Centers

NCOA’s National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC) supports a national network of over 3,000 senior center professionals dedicated to helping older adults remain active, engaged, and independent in their communities. NISC is setting the standard for the future of senior centers by promoting research, promising practices, professional development, and advocacy. NISC also offers the nation’s only National Senior Center Accreditation Program. Learn more at ncoa.org/NISC.