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NCOA Spring 2016 Policy Priorities and Resources

Spring is around the corner, and Congress is getting ready to take on key legislation affecting seniors, including funding for aging services. See what’s at stake—and how you can take action in DC at the Aging in America Conference next week and back home.

Thanks for your advocacy on aging funding!

Thanks to you, members of Congress received 7,936 letters urging them to protect and invest in aging services such as the State Health Insurance Program, Chronic Disease Self-Management Education, and Falls Prevention. Leaders are now finalizing the funding bill, and a final vote is expected next week.

Join a week of action for aging services!

NCOA and other national aging groups are sponsoring a week of action to tell Congress to protect and invest in aging services. We need your voice! Congress will be making FY16 funding decisions by Thanksgiving. TODAY, send a personalized email. Then Wednesday-Friday, call your lawmakers at 1-800-998-0198.

4 ways to speak up for older Americans this fall

It’s another year when Congress is focused on the budget, and there is also a window to finally reauthorize the Older Americans Act. These are two national debates in which raising your voice on behalf of seniors in your community can make a difference. Read 4 things you can do now.

NCOA joins effort to stop Medicare Part B cost increases

NCOA has joined with 70 leading organizations to urge Congress to stop expected increases in Medicare Part B premiums and deductibles next year. Because of the expected announcement on Oct. 15 that there will be no Social Security COLA next year, Part B premiums will increase by 52% for almost one-third of beneficiaries in 2016 […]

House targets Prevention and Public Health Fund again

Today, the House will consider proposals for the FY16 budget reconciliation process. Included is a measure to repeal the Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF) and eliminate all PPHF current and future funding. This would deny $15.5 billion for critical investments in aging services. NCOA has written to the Committee urging members to reject the […]

National senior, disability groups oppose Medicare SHIP cut

NCOA is leading 34 national aging and disability organizations in urging the Senate to reject a proposed 42% cut in funding for State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIPs). SHIPs provide unbiased, personalized counseling on Medicare. If the cuts take effect, 1.5 million fewer Medicare beneficiaries could receive assistance.

Connect with your lawmakers in August

It’s the dog days of summer, which means members of Congress are back in their home districts. Use our key messages and tips to educate them about what matters for seniors in your community.

Happy Birthday OAA!

The Older Americans Act (OAA) turns 50 this month. Email your members of Congress to share what the Act means to you and the seniors in your community!

House cuts Prevention & Public Health Fund

Unfortunately, the House voted for a bill that included the $8.85 billion cut to the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which supports elder falls prevention, chronic disease self-management, and more.