Get Involved with the Leadership of NISC!

Do you want to make a difference for senior centers across the country—and gain skills and leadership experience to advance your own career?

NISC offers the perfect opportunity.

All NISC members are invited to apply for open positions on the NISC Leadership Group—comprised of the NISC Chair, Chair-Elect, and Work Group Chairs.

The Leadership Group serves in an advisory/collaborative role with NCOA staff to manage NISC programs and services and in a leadership role to initiate and lead NISC member networking opportunities.

Meetings are held virtually via conference call or webinar. The Leadership Group meets in person at least once a year. In-person Work Group meetings are held as possible at annual senior center conferences.

Open Positions

The following NISC Leadership Group positions are now open:

  • Chair-Elect: The applicant must have leadership experience in NISC-related activities, be well-informed about issues affecting older adults, and have experience with senior centers. The Chair-Elect will work closely with the Chair and NISC Program Manager in guiding and motivating the Leadership Group.
  • Improving Health Chair: The applicant must have experience with or be well-informed about evidence-based self-management programs. The applicant should be willing to motivate and organize the work group to undertake focused projects to support NCOA’s strategic goals related to improving the health of older adults, including educating NISC colleagues about evidence-based programs and best practices.
  • Public Policy Chair: The applicant must be involved in or well-informed about policy and advocacy at the local level and must have participated in NCOA’s national advocacy efforts. The applicant should be willing to motivate and organize the work group to undertake focused projects to support NCOA’s Public Policy Priorities, including educating NISC colleagues about advocacy best practices; soliciting NISC input on policy proposals that support senior centers, other nonprofits, and NCOA’s target population of vulnerable older adults; and mobilizing NISC members and the seniors they serve to engage in targeted advocacy activities.


Applicants for these positions must:

  • Be comfortable with virtual meetings and networking.
  • Maintain a NISC membership while serving on the Leadership Group.
  • Be an active participant in monthly Leadership Group conference calls.
  • Be willing to attend one in-person meeting of the Leadership Group annually.

The Chair-Elect position will serve a one-year term. All Work Group Chair positions are for two-year terms, at the conclusion of which the Work Group Chairs may reapply.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Interest and Expertise Inventory
  2. Complete the Leadership Group Application
  3. If applying for Public Policy Chair, complete the Public Policy Leadership Group Application