Congratulations to the Amesbury Senior Community Center and Council on Aging, MA that achieved National Senior Center Accreditation in November 2017.

The Amesbury Senior Community Center is located in Amesbury, MA. Amesbury is located in Essex County, Massachusetts on the left bank of the Merrimack River.  The 2010 census noted 16,283 residents. Out of 3200 older adults age 60 and older, over 94% have been reached by the Amesbury Senior Community Center and Council on Aging (ACOA), by phone, email, home or office visit, in person or through participating in the center’s activities and programs.

Councils on Aging (COA) provide a place for older adults to remain independent, productive and in the community. They provide socializing, learning and wellness opportunities and a place to “give back”. They are also the community focal point for social and support services for older adults, families and caregivers in 349 cities and towns in Massachusetts.

The center is located in a shared community building, but the senior center has priority of use during hours of operation. They have occasional weekend and evening hours. The two floor facility has approximately 12,000 square feet of usable space and is fully accessible. The first floor has a reception area, great room, library, office spaces and a full commercial kitchen. The second floor has an adult day program room, arts and crafts room, lounge, thrift store, and hosts the office of veteran’s affairs, youth services and health department as well as the main COA offices. The space is owned by the regional Transit District and is leased to the City of Amesbury.

The peer reviewer noted these strengths of the senior center:

  • A new building that is cared for and in a central location
  • An involved Council on Aging Board who are committed to the mission of the senior center.
  • A very experienced and dedicated staff with good ideas for programming and collaborations.
  • Extensive community connections and collaborations. The reviewer noted that it is apparent that a lot of effort has been made by the staff to look for every opportunity to partner with others to provide new and improved programs and services.
  • A very active volunteer program and strong staff commitment to volunteers. A promising practice is their “Hidden Gems” volunteer recognition program.
  • An amazing intergenerational program that is grant funded through the Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging. It is curriculum based and volunteer led.
  • A social model Adult Day Program for persons with memory impairment. It is a great mix of inclusion and separate programming led by a very creative, dedicated group of staff and volunteers.

Celebrate the valuable work and dedication of your staff, volunteers and board by branding your center a Nationally Accredited Senior Center. Learn more about the national senior center standards and the accreditation process.