Medicare buy-in is a process that allows individuals who qualify for the Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) to enroll into Medicare Parts A and/or B outside of regular enrollment periods without incurring a penalty. This process can be especially important for those who don’t have enough work quarters to qualify for premium-free Part A, or who delayed enrolling in Part B and experienced a gap in creditable coverage.

The Medicare Rights Center has worked with NCOA to produce several tools that can help counselors guide clients through the buy-in process. These include:

  • A consumer fact sheet that explains how the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) benefit can be used to buy into Part A.
  • A consumer fact sheet that outlines how the Medicare Savings Programs can be used to buy into Part B.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that provides greater detail on how the buy-in process works and what clients and counselors need to request it.
  • A PowerPoint deck that counselors can use with staff and volunteers to train them on the buy-in process.

Interested in learning how to communicate this information to your clients? Check out this sample outreach flyer from Connecticut.