New Resources to Help Clients Afford Their Medications

Many Medicare beneficiaries have prescription drug coverage through private Part D or Medicare Advantage plans. While these plans often cover most of their medications, the amount that beneficiaries pay out of pocket varies, and many people with Medicare still struggle to afford their prescription costs.

Several strategies exist to help these individuals. The Part D Low Income Subsidy, or Extra Help, helps pay for Part D premiums and reduce costs at the pharmacy. States and drug manufacturers sometimes have their own programs to assist people with affording their medications, and clients can also request a tiering or formulary (drug list) exception from their drug plan.

Tablets and pills on dollarsThe Medicare Rights Center has worked with NCOA to develop a series of tools to help counselors and volunteers advise clients about their options for affording medications. These include:

You can also access a more comprehensive chart of Extra Help income and resource eligibility thresholds, including in Alaska and Hawaii.

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