NISC Webinar Series

Beginning during 2019 National Senior Center Month in September, NISC will host monthly webinars focused on training for senior center professionals. Many presenters were at the 2019 Age+Action conference. We hope you will be able to learn more from these excellent presentations! You can register now for each webinar at the links below. All webinars are typically held from 2 to 3 p.m. EST.

October 17 – The Grand Plan: Zero to 3 Film Discussion

Join us to learn about the experiences of grandparents who provide child care for their grandchildren. Preview findings from a national grandparent survey and focus groups on issues related to caring for young children, relationships with adult children, and the joys of grandparenthood. Watch three short films of families reflecting on how they share the care across two generations (what works, and what’s hard). Most importantly, discover how this data can inform your programs and services!

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November 21 – Developing Relationships: Fund Development and Strategic Partnerships

Wise nonprofits understand that fund development is about more than just money—it is about thoughtfully forging critical and potentially long-term relationships based on the match between the organization’s goals and the interests and motivations of prospects and donors. Your fund development operation creates opportunities for donors to live out their aspirations. This means that you should not approach fund development as a quick fix, because it can impair your chances for sustainability.  Done well, fund development finds and keeps donors interested and supportive over the long term. Done poorly, it can be an embarrassing interlude that can cause credibility problems for years to come.  Too many nonprofits still wrongly think that all they need is more money to make things work better. However, sometimes a steady income stream flowing into a weak organization simply covers up issues that will eventually get worse.  Similarly, many nonprofits believe that fund development professionals and consultants hold the keys to the gate of the money garden. This is fanciful thinking. Each organization has to work hard to get through that gate—often with scratches and bumps—even when it gets extra support from friends and consultants.

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December 5 – Find Joy First … Then Design Your Program

Design is often an afterthought in many products, programs, services, and marketing for older adults. But if we want our work to have true impact, we need to rethink how we design experiences for older adults from the ground up. A user-centered design approach coupled with an emphasis on joy, delight, and engagement will help get us there. This presentation will highlight design and also showcase examples in which designing for joy has had measurable impact on program participation and ongoing engagement.

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January 16, 2020 – Encouraging Senior Centers to be Learning Organizations

The objective of this presentation is to introduce the theory of organization learning to senior center leadership and staff. Research will be presented from a recent national study of senior centers as learning organizations, including centers’ areas of strength and weaknesses, and potential points of intervention will be discussed. Following this, the Watkins & Marsick Dimensions of Learning Organization (DLOQ) tool will be shared with attendees and they will have the opportunity to discuss their results and discuss ‘lessons learned’ and ‘best practices’ as a group. This discussion will be facilitated by a veteran senior center leader who will offer ideas for instilling this theory with practice. National  Senior Center Accreditation will be suggested as a tool for change.   

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Additional 2020 webinars will include sessions on 100 Million Healthier Lives, the Adult Well Being Assessment tool, and more!