NISC Senior Center Leadership Collaborative
Join the NISC Leadership Collaborative

The NISC Senior Center Leadership Collaborative will create a cohesive national senior center network organized to participate in a collaborative learning environment to share best practices, national initiatives, strategies and resources to spur innovation and to identify national senior center leaders.  This initiative will welcome appointed state association and network leaders and leaders of NISC accredited centers as members of the collaborative.

What does it mean to be part of the NISC Leadership Collaborative?

NISC state appointed collaborative members would be tasked with sharing promising practices from their state, learning from other state leaders, learning about NCOA and NISC initiatives, tools, and resources and then communicating that information back to their state colleagues through their professional network, such as state associations.

NISC accredited center leaders would be invited to participate in the collaborative to enhance the learning environment. They will be invited to share best practices, participate in webinars and NISC teams and attend educational meetings.

This is a mutually beneficial relationship. NCOA benefits by sharing national information and resources and by learning from the expertise of the field. Senior Center state associations and networks benefit by exposure to national and other state initiatives, being made aware of trends, innovations and potential resources for their state members.

What would I do as a NISC Collaborative Member?

NISC Collaborative members would:

  • Attend quarterly conference call meetings.
  • Support participation in a NISC team by participating or by sharing the opportunity within their state.
  • Meet in person at the NCOA conference, paying their way; If travel is not possible accommodations may be available for attendance through a zoom conference call.
  • Share relevant information within their state.  Share NCOA information.
  • Collaborative members would be elected by their state association or network for a two year term. When no state organization is available, an individual would apply to NISC leadership. Only one representative would be chosen for each state.

Collaborative accredited center leaders would:

  • Share promising practices.
  • Contribute content to national resources for example templates to illustrate strategic, marketing or evaluation plans, etc.
  • Consider participating in webinars or conference workshops.  
  • All currently accredited sites are invited to participate in the learning collaborative.
  • If no state representative is available in the accredited center leaders state, they would share information and resources with state colleagues.

How do I join the NISC Leadership Collaborative?

Learn more about the NISC Collaborative through the operating document.

Share this application with your state association or network, or if your state does not have a senior center network, you can apply to join the NISC Leadership Collaborative here.