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Helping older adults get out of debt

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When we hit 65, we’re up against an income wall. Today, more seniors are carrying debt into retirement, and often accumulate debt from the basic costs of living.

Learn more about the sources of debt, the trade-offs seniors make to cope with debt, and what resources can help.

Senior Debt Facts

Debt among older adults has grown significantly in the past decade. Get the facts about senior debt, and find tools that can help.

Getting Help with Debt

If you’re an older adult who needs help with debt, use these resources to get connected to free, confidential assistance.

Debt Hotline Toolkit

NCOA is partnering with GreenPath Financial Wellness to provide free, unbiased debt counseling for older adults via a new hotline at 1-866-217-0543. Here are tools you can use to spread the word.