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Mapping access to benefits for people with Medicare

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These visualization tools were created to help benefits counselors identify underserved communities of individuals in their geographic area who may be eligible for public benefits but are not enrolled in those programs. These tools may be helpful in making decisions about where to target outreach efforts, and creating culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate outreach and application assistance.

LIS & MSP Potential Eligibles

Each May, Social Security sends letters to Medicare beneficiaries potentially eligible for LIS and MSP. Learn where these letters were sent.

Disability Visualization Tool

Many low-income Medicare beneficiaries have physical or cognitive impairments that may limit their mobility and ability to understand benefits outreach materials. Find out where they are in this visualization tool.

Limited English Proficiency Visualization

This visualization tool enables benefits counselors to see the percentage of Limited English Proficient (LEP) Medicare beneficiaries in a given county, as well as what language they speak at home.

Senior SNAP Participation Visualization

Data from the past decade show that senior SNAP participation rates have risen, but older adults remain under-enrolled in this critical food assistance program.