The Next Steps to Better Nutrition program was developed by the National Council on Aging and the American Heart Association to teach older adults how they can afford, purchase, and cook more nutritious foods. In a series of 6 hour-long classes, participants will learn about the relationship between nutrition and chronic disease, and discover how they can take concrete action steps to improve their diet and keep their heart healthy.

The complete set of nutrition education modules is available to download below. These training modules can be used to deliver nutrition education in senior centers and other community organizations.

Module 1: Stretching Your Budget to Pay for Healthy Food

Gives an overview of programs that can help older adults pay for nutritious food.

Module 2: Making Healthy Food Choices

Focuses on how to pick foods that make up balanced, healthy meals.

Module 3: Adapting Comfort Foods for Health

Demonstrates how to turn guilty pleasures into healthful treats when cooking.

Module 4: Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Provides tips to help participants prevent heart disease and keep their heart healthy.

Module 5: Cooking Demonstration

Shows participants how to cook two easy, healthy recipes.

Module 6: On Your Way to Better Nutrition

Provides action steps to help participants sustain healthy habits over time.

Additional Resources

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