As the Asian older adult population is growing in Washington State, the Chinese Information and Service Center (CISC)an NCOA-supported Benefits Enrollment Center (BEC) in Seattle, Washingtonhas partnered with the Korean Women’s Association (KWA) to better assist this population with benefits enrollment. Key to addressing the cultural and language barriers is reaching out to these older adults in their native tongue, using media they are familiar with.

Who was the target audience?

KWA targets low-income Korean immigrant seniors and people with disabilities by providing bilingual and culturally competent consultation to clients. Many immigrants and refugees experience both language and cultural barriers to accessing resources, and this BEC addressed that challenge by providing one-on-one assistance benefits assistance at offices in Tacoma, Federal Way, and Lynnwood.

What did they do?

Radio studio microphone with On Air sign in backgroundA 30-minute monthly radio interview was arranged with Radio Hankook at Federal Way, a radio station targeting Korean speakers. Three short daily radio advertisements and daily KOAM TV advertisements at Federal Way were able to reach potentially over 10,000 Korean individuals. This helped educate many Korean older adults who didn’t know about the BEC and its services. The advertising not only increased the accessibility of the BEC services but also become an effective tool to educate the Korean population overall about of the social services KWA provides.

What were the results?

KWA experienced an approximate increase of 15-20% in the number of phone calls after the radio advertisements ran. The three members of the KWA office staff were able to serve more people who were potentially eligible to enroll in benefits through the BEC.

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Enhee Winegar
Korean Women’s Association