While many organizations reach out to potential and existing clients using technology, regular “snail mail” continues to be a useful tool in conducting benefits outreach and follow-up with many older adults and persons with disabilities.

Older woman looking into mailboxClick2Mail offers postal delivery services that make it easy for organizations to do mass mailings. Organizations can select different mailing formats (postcards, letters, flyers) and upload documents for Click2Mail to print, stuff, and send. Users can import their own mailing listing or purchase mailing lists from the site, which can be narrowed down by geographical area, age of consumer, and other household characteristics.

Legal Aid of the Bluegrass (LAB), a Benefits Enrollment Center in Kentucky, has had success using this service for a variety of mailings. The Center interviewed Angela Zeek, LAB’s SHIP Coordinator, about their experience with Click2Mail.

What specific mailings have you used Click2Mail for? Is there any concern about HIPAA or privacy regulations in the content of the mail?

We have used this service to mail out:

  • Our quarterly newsletter
  • Program information to targeted agencies/organizations within our service region
  • Postcards to past clients to remind them of the Medicare annual election period, and
  • Surveys to past clients.

No personal medical information is released within these documents. The postcard is worded in a way to prevent a breach of client confidentiality.

What format did you use—letters, postcards, etc.?

The newsletters are folded in half and bound together with tape. The letters are mailed in envelopes.

Did you draw on the database/mailing list that the site offers or use your own?

A while back, we purchased a mailing list in order to obtain addresses to agencies/organizations, medical providers, grocery stores in rural regions, other retail stores in rural regions, etc. We use the information from this mailing list or from our own client database for the mailer.

How much did the service cost?

The cost depends on the number of items and what type of items you are mailing. The cost is much cheaper if you can obtain non-profit status from the U.S. Postal Service, of course. Our last mailer involved 162 pieces of mail and the cost was $238. I realize that is more than $1.00 per piece. However, if we had someone responsible for copying, folding, and mailing the information, the cost would be more than what we paid to the USPS.

How do you know if it was successful? Did you generate more calls/responses, and did people mention specifically getting the mailer?

The postcards have proven successful each year in particular. Matter of fact, we had people call and complain that they didn’t get their reminder stating that they nearly forgot to call us during open enrollment!