Finding People/Benefits Outreach and Education

These promising practices highlight creative ways to identify low-income people with Medicare who are potentially eligible for benefits and to conduct outreach to them.

A Multi-Pronged Effort to Connect Seniors to Food and More

By focusing outreach efforts on hunger and combining their screening efforts through MIPPA and SHIP work for additional benefits, the Catawba Area Agency on Aging were able to reach more Medicare beneficiaries who were missing out on benefits.

Getting Beneficiaries on "The Bus"

The Connecticut SHIP literally has taken benefits outreach on the road by purchasing a satellite-equipped vehicle that is used to conduct benefits screenings.

Intra-agency Referrals: Finding Clients from Within

Adelante Development Center—an NCOA-supported Benefits Enrollment Center—describes how connections between its assistive equipment recycling program and BEC have increased benefits applications for low-income Medicare beneficiaries.

Looking Live on Michigan TV

A series of “live” television ads helped point Michigan seniors to places they could call to apply and learn about Medicare benefits.

Making Dinner a SNAP

Grocery stores are a key venue to help educate low-income seniors about SNAP benefits and how to apply.