Facebook Advertising

An increasing number of older adults are using Facebook. Paid Facebook advertising is a way to reach new potential clients who may not know about your organization or follow your page. Ads appear in the user’s news feed, and can be tailored to specific groups of people based on location, demographics, and interests.

Cover of our Guide to Facebook AdvertisingOur guide to Facebook advertising provides everything you need to know to use this platform to conduct outreach. Discover how to:

  • Select the audience you wish to target
  • Set up ads in Facebook, including messages and graphics that have been tested and proven effective in reaching low-income older adults who may be eligible for benefits
  • Translate Facebook users into potential clients by connecting your ads to a survey form
  • Set a Facebook ad budget, and allocate staff resources needed for follow-up
  • Track and report on your ads’ success

Download the guide.

We’ve also prepared these Excel files to help you build your ads and track your progress:

  1. Use the ad-building template to ensure your ads meet Facebook’s guidelines for text limits/character counts.
  2. Download the lead report template to track your progress on following up with those who click on your ad, and the data reporting spreadsheet to visualize the success of your Facebook ads and compare costs.