Benefits Enrollment Center Tools

Are you ready to establish a Benefits Enrollment Center in your community? This toolkit offers the help you need to succeed!

Benefits Enrollment Centers (BECs) help low-income seniors and persons with disabilities find and enroll in all the benefits programs for which they are eligible, and create coordinated, community-wide systems of benefits access.

Step 1: Take the Readiness Assessment

Complete this short questionnaire to determine whether your organization is ready to implement the BEC approach with the clients you serve.

Step 2: Get the Implementation Guide

This handy document guides your organization step-by-step through all of the considerations necessary to be ready to implement the BEC approach in your community.

Step 3: Download the Toolkit

The Benefits Enrollment Center toolkit offers comprehensive links to all the resources and materials you’ll need to get started, including:

  • Basic information on the core benefits programs for low-income older adults and younger persons with disabilities.
  • Lessons learned from existing BECs about implementing a person-centered approach to benefits access in their communities
  • Sample templates for setting up your BEC, including staff policies & procedures manuals, training agendas, client tracking forms, and job descriptions.
  • Examples of successful outreach strategies and materials you can adapt for your community.

If you are interested in using the BEC approach and partnering with NCOA, please contact