Roadmap to Community-Integrated Health Care

Destination: Achieving Better Health and Better Care

This roadmap is designed to help aging, public health, and disability professionals make stronger linkages with the health care sector to achieve better health through better care with Chronic Disease Self-Management Education and other evidence-based programs. It provides an interactive journey with various routes that you can choose to get to the destination of community-integrated health care (CIHC).  NCOA has created a variety of tools for you to use on your journey toward CIHC. We encourage you to access the CDSME Video and Companion Guide, and to explore the Roadmap below to help support and expand your health care partnerships!

NCOA’s Center for Healthy Aging gratefully acknowledges contributions from the following authors and reviewers of the Roadmap to Community Integrated Health Care’s educational content: Sharon R. Williams, Williams Jaxon Consulting, LLC; Lynnzy McIntosh, PAC Software, Inc.; Robert Schreiber, MD, PACE Medical Director; Mary Walsh, Consultant, National Council on Aging; Cora Plass, Consultant, National Council on Aging; Mary Altpeter, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.