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Community Malnutrition Resource Hub

Find solutions to older adult malnutrition in your community

Malnutrition among older adults is a real problem with serious consequences.

Up to 1 out of 2 older Americans are at risk for malnutrition. The numbers are even higher for seniors in health care settings. About 60% of older adults in hospitals and 35-85% of older residents in long-term care facilities are malnourished. Malnutrition can worsen chronic conditions and make it difficult for older adults to remain independent.

Nearly every community has programs that can help older adults get the nutrition they need. But many seniors or their caregivers—and even many doctors and hospitals—don’t know about the programs or how to connect with them. A 2016 survey by NCOA found community-based organizations want and need materials to raise awareness about and address malnutrition among older adults.

This Resource Hub is designed to help community-based organizations, public health leaders, health care professionals, and other organizations interested in reducing malnutrition among older adults. It includes practical resources, tools, and ideas to help you develop and implement a malnutrition plan.

This content was developed in conjunction with the Maryland Department of Aging, DefeatMalnutrition.Today, Meals on Wheels America, Brandman Centers for Senior Care, and a panel of expert reviewers. Support was provided by Abbott Nutrition.

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