Sustainability is concerned with ensuring that evidence-based programs are readily available and easily accessible to older adults over time. The goal of sustainability is to integrate and embed evidence-based programs within organizations so that they become a routine and integral component of organizational operations.

Planning and sustainability of programs, by nature, involve effective leadership and participation of a variety of staff, partners, and other stakeholders. The prospects for sustainability are improved through careful attention to the other elements of offering evidence-based programs, i.e., planning, implementation, outreach and recruitment, and evaluation.

Resources to help with sustainability

Issue Brief: Key Factors and Strategies Contributing to Program Sustainability

This issue brief describes the key elements to sustainability: partnerships, infrastructure and delivery systems, financing, marketing, quality assurance, and policy action.

Creating a Business Plan for Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs

This training module is designed to provide step by step guidance, tools, tips and resources for creating a well-organized business plan.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Cost Calculator

This cost calculator was developed to help organizations better understand and manage the costs of administering the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP). By entering your organization’s costs and CDSMP program data, you can use the calculator to produce estimated “per participant” and “per workshop” costs, as well as evaluate the impact of individual components on your total expenses.

Best practice examples

Massachusetts Healthy Living Center of Excellence Sustainability Plan

This plan details how the Healthy Living Center of Excellence will efficiently implement evidence-based disease management programs in Massachusetts.

Oregon’s living well business plan

This plan identifies an efficient, effective delivery and funding mechanism for bringing evidence-based programs to scale in Oregon.

Massachusetts Toolkit: Formulating a Strategic Business Plan

This toolkit is intended to aid organizations in the development of business plans necessary to secure further funding for evidence-based programs.

Missouri Sustainability Toolkit

This toolkit supports sustainability by exploring key planning areas and assisting self-management education providers with related strategies.