Recruiting and retaining participants requires careful consideration for successful evidence-based programming. Early in the planning process, a target audience for the program needs to be identified.

Outreach and recruitment activities are the methods or means by which individuals from the target population are identified and enrolled in the program.

Outreach activities

One of the most critical outreach and recruitment activities is the identification and involvement of appropriate partners and sources within the community that can assist in reaching specific target audiences. The process of creating strong partnerships and involving them in outreach and recruitment is or can be a natural outgrowth of work with the task force formed earlier to assist with program implementation.

Typically, a wide variety of approaches are used in publicizing the program and providing information about the program so that potential participants are well-informed about its existence and where and when it is to be offered.

Some of the common methods used to draw attention to the program are:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Radio announcements
  • Website postings
  • Posters placed in strategic locations
  • Presentations in a variety of community settings
  • Meetings with groups and agencies in the community

Resources to help with outreach and recruitment

The Center for Healthy Aging designed these marketing and recruitment materials for state and local agencies to use when promoting the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP).

After conducting market research, we crafted preliminary marketing and promotion materials for the workshops and tested them with several focus groups of older adults across the country. Using feedback from these focus groups, NCOA refined the messages, photographs, and graphic images and prepared the templates provided below.

We hope you find the materials useful and welcome your feedback on how they can be improved. If you have questions or comments about the materials, please contact us.

Before you begin, please read the Instructions for Customizing the Template Materials.

Marketing and Recruitment Materials for CDSMP



Best practice examples

Video: Welcome to Better Choices, Better Health® South Dakota!

See leaders and participants of the Better Choices, Better Health® South Dakota Chronic Disease Self-Management Program discuss the benefits of workshops.

Washington’s Wisdom Warriors Program

Learn how Washington is successfully enrolling tribal members in CDSMP workshops through the Wisdom Warriors Program. CDSMP is offered in conjunction with other health promotion efforts in a culturally appropriate context.

Wisconsin Marketing Kit

Learn how to successfully promote and fill your CDSMP workshops.

Faith to Government

Read a synopsis of Faith to Government’s success in expanding the reach of CDSMP among older African Americans.