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You’ve Earned This: Benefits Can Boost Your Budget

Everyone is scrambling for a sense of stability as the COVID-19 crisis changes every aspect of our lives. 

Older adults are suffering the worst health effects from the disease, while also facing financial threats as they plan for retirement or live on a fixed income. NCOA’s first annual Boost Your Budget Week couldn’t come at a better time. 

From July 13-17, we’re encouraging older adults to explore the thousands of public and private benefits programs that can help pay for daily expenses like food, medicine, and rentNo matter your circumstances, benefits should be something you factor into your plans for aging well. After all, you’ve worked hard. You’ve earned this. 

For many people, the biggest obstacle to getting these benefits is simply not knowing what’s availableEven before the pandemic, eligible older adults were leaving $30 billion (with a b!) in benefits on the table each year.  

Do you know about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (a.k.a. food stamps), which has relaxed eligibility requirements for people aged 60 and older? What about mentorship opportunities via the Service Corps of Retired Executives? Or how about the many respite care programs for caregivers? 

Find these and more benefits using NCOA’s BenefitsCheckUp®. It’s free, confidential, and tailors the results to fit your needs. A screening only takes a few minutes—and there’s no sign-up or registration required. Millions of people have used the tool, including benefits counselors who use it to help their clients. 

Boost Your Budget Week is a reminder that benefits can help Americans enjoy their longevityUse it for yourself, a loved one, a neighbor, or a client. BenefitsCheckUp® is ready and waiting. Spread the word! 

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About Dan Reiner

Dan Reiner is Content Manager at the National Council on Aging. He lives in an inter-generational household with his wife, children, brother, and parents.