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Special Delivery! The Aging Mastery Starter Kit

The next generation of Aging Mastery is here and can be delivered right to your doorstep.

NCOA is excited to introduce the Aging Mastery Starter Kit, a self-directed version of our successful Aging Mastery Program® (AMP). Since 2013, over 12,000 people have completed AMP in their communities, and the number of sites offering classes nationwide is growing.

We’ve designed the Starter Kit to bring this empowering approach to aging well to even more older adults, particularly to those who are homebound, who live in areas in which AMP is not yet offered, or who simply prefer learning on their own.

The Starter Kit, like the in-person program, offers real-life tips and solutions for aging well, and couples these with activities that encourage self-reflection and action steps. Included in the kit are the Aging Mastery Playbook, activity cards, a goal-setting notepad, a progress chart, and two specially developed exercise DVDs.

Taken together, these items help inspire individuals to make positive behavior changes across six dimensions: Gratitude and Mindfulness, Health and Well-Being, Finances and Future Planning, Connections and Community, Learning and Creativity, and Legacy and Purpose.

We’ve distributed 2,500 Starter Kits, and initial feedback has been encouraging. Recipients report similar outcomes to the in-person AMP, including helping them increase their social connectedness, physical activity levels, and healthy eating habits. Caregivers, in particular, are finding great value in the materials.

The Aging Mastery Starter Kit is an example of how NCOA takes the next step in program innovation by offering multiple ways (in-person, at home, and online) for individuals to access its programs and products. Our goal is for all older adults to build their own playbook for aging well and for Aging Mastery to be the first step on that path.

For additional product information or to purchase a kit directly, visit our Aging Mastery Store.

For questions about the Aging Mastery Starter Kit, please email AMP@ncoa.org.


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About Susan Stiles, PhD

Susan Stiles is NCOA's Senior Director of Product Development and Strategy, providing leadership in the design and development of consumer products that inspire, educate, and activate older adults. She’s been instrumental in bringing the Aging Mastery Program® to market and scaling it nationwide via strategic alliances and business partnerships. Susan has 20+ years of experience in design thinking, multimedia, strategic communications, and management consulting.