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Simple Ways to Check In and Show Up for Yourself

Can you actually show up for yourself like you show up for others? The Rose of Jericho is a plant used differently in cultures all over the world. At first look, the plant appears gray and dry, as if nearing death. However, the power of the plant shows up the moment it is submerged in water, springing back to life. As we navigate these difficult times, you might feel depleted and tired like the Rose of Jericho—but you, too, can spring back.

In these trying times, it can be easy to wear ourselves out when trying to support those around us. Take 5 minutes to check in on yourself with these questions:

  • Am I thirsty or hungry? Hydration and food are important to our physical well-being, which affects our mental health, too.
  • Do I feel safe? Safety is a fundamental need we all have. Once safety is compromised, we may feel unbalanced without realizing it.
  • Do I need rest? We are in a global crisis affecting everyone in different ways. Sleep restores our energy and is an oft-overlooked option for helping us manage our days.
  • Do I need to breathe? Allow yourself to take three deep breaths—make them the deepest you’ve taken all day. Remind yourself we inhale life and exhale exhaustion.

Checking on these basic parts of life will help you meet your cognitive needs. In order for you to show up as a caregiver, friend, or spouse for someone else, self-care is necessary for avoiding burnout and exhaustion. With these simple questions, you can build resilience and strength, like the Rose of Jericho after touching water.

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