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Preserving and Celebrating the Stories of LGBTQ Older Adults with StoryCorps®

SAGE, an organization dedicated to advocacy and services for LGBTQ+ older adults, knows a large percentage of LGBTQ+ adults over age 50 in the United States report feelings of isolation, lack of companionship, and disconnection from the younger LGBTQ+ community.

This June marks a half-century since the Stonewall riots, and StoryCorps®, a non-profit organization that records, preserves, and shares meaningful conversations, is celebrating the voices and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community with Stonewall OutLoud. This national effort will inspire Americans of all ages to record the personal stories of people within the LGBTQ+ community, particularly those who were born before 1969. StoryCorps® joins a coalition of partners on this project including SAGE, the National LGBTQ Task Force, GRIOT Circle, and GLSEN.

Our aim is to connect older and younger generations, and preserve LGBTQ+ history so future generations can understand the past—and continue working toward a more accepting future.

Take part with the StoryCorps® App

You can sit down with an interview partner or preserve your own story. Find some questions to get started, and with the StoryCorps® app installed on a mobile device, hit “record.” After you’ve finished your recording, tag it with the keyword “Stonewall OutLoud” and upload it to our archive. It will become a permanent part of history at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

Get inspired by watching selected animations, listening to powerful stories that have already been recorded, or searching the StoryCorps® Archive for additional stories.

If you’d like to spread the word by hosting an event of your own with inspiration and support from StoryCorps®, read our toolkit to help you plan.

Thanks to our partners SAGE, LGBTQ Task Force, GRIOT Circle, and GLSEN for making this project possible. Learn more about StoryCorps OutLoud here and make a pledge to add your story to a vitally important collection of voices for future generations.

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