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Older worker inside stone factory

The Pandemic’s Threat to Older Workers

Older workers facing job loss have a harder time re-entering the workforce, which is why SCSEP is a valuable lifeline in getting them back to employment.


Self-Care During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Self-care is more important now than ever, particularly if you have one or more chronic conditions.


Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and COVID-19: An Interview with Experts

Hydroxychloroquine has been the focus of widespread questions regarding its potential use as a treatment for COVID-19. Two experts weigh in on the drug, the urgent need for accurate information, and the effects of increased demand for it despite inconclusive results from clinical trials.


Make Food Safety a Priority

Whether you are a home cook, a recipient of a pre-made covered dish on your doorstep, or a caregiver preparing food for your loved one, it’s a great time to remember basic food safety practices.


The Alarming Inequities of COVID-19

As we continue to confront COVID-19, every day brings new data—sometimes alarming and sometimes hopeful—about the coronavirus. Falling squarely into the alarming category is the first federal report by the CDC that breaks down hospitalization data by gender, race, and ethnicity.