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Make Food Safety a Priority

Whether you are a home cook, a recipient of a pre-made covered dish on your doorstep, or a caregiver preparing food for your loved one, it’s a great time to remember basic food safety practices.


The Alarming Inequities of COVID-19

As we continue to confront COVID-19, every day brings new data—sometimes alarming and sometimes hopeful—about the coronavirus. Falling squarely into the alarming category is the first federal report by the CDC that breaks down hospitalization data by gender, race, and ethnicity.


Tips for Homeowners Facing Hardship During the Pandemic

If you’re a homeowner facing hardship during COVID-19, heed these tips for getting financial assistance that may be able to help.


Streamlining Our Small But Mighty Food Pantry

We usually have multiple events a day taking place at the Borderlands Rainbow Center: support groups, social events, a busy food pantry, and services for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. But COVID-19 changed all that. Here’s how we’re adapting.


COVID-19 and Medications in the News

There is widespread confusion about which medications to take or not to take during this pandemic. The bottom line is you should NOT change any of your medications without talking with your doctor or pharmacist. Use this guide in discussions with your health care providers.