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elder hispanic male at library on computer

Tools for Elder Hispanic Economic Security

Hispanic older adults experience greater economic insecurity, but they can use NCOA tools to help improve their budget and money management.


Straight Talk for Seniors®: The Fall Agenda in Congress

The remainder of 2017 promises to be another three months of critical legislative debates in Congress for older Americans. Here’s what to look for, based on what we know today.


Falls Prevention in the Community: A 5-Point Checklist for Navigating Your Neighborhood

Most older adults who fall outdoors are healthier, more physically active, and take fewer medications than those who fall indoors. Use this simple checklist in your day-to-day activities to identify and take steps to overcome the falls risks in your community.


Malnutrition May Be Hiding in Plain Sight

There are many misperceptions about malnutrition, but it is far more common among older adults than you might think.


Straight Talk for Seniors®: Federal Funding for Low-Income Benefits Outreach

On Sept. 30, funding authority expires for an important program that connects low-income Medicare beneficiaries with benefits to help them afford their health care costs. Learn more.