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Village Connector Experience: Reaffirming, Rebuilding, and Rejecting Social Isolation

The pandemic has heightened everyone’s sense of isolation to unparalleled levels, due to required physical distancing. If we don’t address this need differently, then loneliness will deepen, especially in older adults, impacting their mental and physical health.


Simple Ways to Check In and Show Up for Yourself

As we navigate these difficult times, you might feel depleted and tired like the Rose of Jericho—but you, too, can spring back. In these trying times, it can be easy to wear ourselves out when trying to support those around us. Take 5 minutes to check in on yourself with these questions.


Fighting Isolation With Video Visits

With the separation necessary during COVID-19, it seems like anything we can do to help each other feel connected and loved is worth it. It might be a simple thing recording a little message, but in individual homes, in senior care facilities, and nursing homes we are hearing more and more how much people appreciate these thoughtful endeavors.


You’ve Earned This: Benefits Can Boost Your Budget

From July 13-17, we’re encouraging older adults to explore the thousands of public and private benefits programs that can help pay for daily expenses like food, medicine, and rent. No matter your circumstances, benefits should be something you factor into your plans for aging well. After all, you’ve worked hard. You’ve earned this.


Remaining Connected as the Pandemic Continues

Nearly four months into the COVID-19 pandemic, many older adults are struggling to adjust to a new normal and wondering what it means for their future. Regardless of where your community is in terms of opening, closing, or infection rates, here are some tips for keeping yourself safe and healthy—physically, mentally, and financially.