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Connect, Create, Contribute: How Benefits Empower Seniors to do All Three

Seniors, people with disabilities, and their loved ones rarely know the full extent of benefits programs available to support aging well. They rarely know where to even look for this information, so connecting them with it is a powerful opportunity to make a difference.


Spring cleaning is for medicine cabinets, too!

In many households, spring cleaning is an annual event, and anyone who takes medication should use the opportunity to clean out their medicine cabinets.


A Guide to Medicare Advantage/Part C Costs

Medicare covers a wide range of medical services, but most are not free. Here’s what you should expect to pay out-of-pocket throughout the year if you’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage/Part C plan.


5 Healthy Aging Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women are often the first line of defense when protecting their family’s health, but in doing so tend to put their concerns on the back burner. These quick tips can help keep you happy and healthy as you juggle your everyday responsibilities.


Doing Something Good with National Volunteer Month

As more and more Americans cross into retirement age, economic security for older adults is becoming precarious.