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elder caucasian couple preparing taxes

2017 Senior Tax Guide: Get the Most from Your Return

Older adults and caregivers miss out on key deductions and credits each year, and thus, end up overpaying on taxes. Use this guide to get the most of your tax return in 2017.


We’re on a Mission to 10 Million!

We’re almost halfway to our goal to improve the lives of 10 million older adults. See what we accomplished together in 2016.


Staying Heart Healthy After 65: What You Need to Know About Atrial Fibrillation

When left untreated, AFib increases your chances of stroke by 500% & doubles your chance of heart-related death. Learn how to prevent or manage AFib with these tips.


Straight Talk for Seniors®: Medicaid

Medicaid helps millions of older Americans stay healthy and economically secure every day. Discover how current proposals in Congress would change how it’s structured.


Taking Charge of Oral Health: 3 Ways to Prevent Dental Disease as We Age

Contrary to popular belief, dental disease is not as inevitable as grey hair and wrinkles. Learn 3 ways to maintain good oral health as you age.