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Make Your Mark During Older Americans Month

Every year, Older Americans Month provides an opportunity to show gratitude toward older adults for the important roles they play in our communities and reflect on the experience of aging in America. Despite the long shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic has cast over our lives, there are many ways older adults and their families can celebrate.

Share your COVID-19 story

Sharing stories has always been the main way people and organizations celebrate Older Americans Month. Not only does it spread the wisdom you’ve gained over the years, but it empowers and inspires those who learn from you. With COVID-19 changing so much about day-to-day life, we’ve made that the focus of our efforts this year. If you’re an older adult, caregiver, or aging services professional, tell us about your experience with COVID-19.

It’s a chance to reflect on what’s different, what you’re hopeful about, and what you and others are doing to help. You can choose whether to remain anonymous, and your information stays confidential unless you tell us we can share. Every story we receive will help us better inform policy makers and direct responders trying to relieve pain caused by the pandemic.

Many ways to share

In addition to sharing stories, we encourage you to engage in other ways, such as phone calls, writing, and photography. The Administration for Community Living (ACL) has prompts that can help you get started. We know virtual engagement has been in high-demand, so if you’re able to take advantage of that, ACL has crafted a list of good ideas. Don’t worry—there are low-tech options on the list, too.

More than anything, Older Americans Month is a chance to be grateful and generous, so make your mark in a way that fits your circumstances and personality!

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